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Saturday, December 10, 2016

♥Combined Ct Irish Princess Designs & Kajenna- PTU Tut-Christmas♥

Any resemblance to any other tutorial or signature is merely coincidental and is not intended.
I am using the Adorable artwork of Kajenna- Tube: YinYang –. You can purchase this artwork and a license to use them HERE you MUST have a license to use this work
I am using the font: Bold & Stylish Calligraphy
I am using kit: Christmas by Irish Princess Designs, you can find it here, here, here
I am using mask : of your choice
Pieces of the kit used in this tutorial are:

    Paper 9
    Element 97
    Element 90
    Element 100
    Element 28
    Element 17
    Element 12
    Element 25
    Element 64
    Element 76
    Element 79
    Element 91
    Element 98
    Element 99
Element 3
Element 8

You must have working knowledge of PSP to complete this tutorial. This tutorial was written using PSPX8
Open new Canvas 800*800
New Layer, flood fill with Paper 9, Apply mask and resize to your liking, Merge Group,
 center in canvas
 C/P tube , resize place center in canvas
Element 100, resize and Place center under tube
Element 97, resize and Place center above tube
Element 90, resize and Place left under element 97
Element 28, resize and Place left above element 100
Element 17, resize and Place right under element 97
Element 12, resize and Place under element 17
Element 25, resize and Place above element 17
Element 64, resize and Place left above element 28
Element 76, resize and Place center above element 100
Element 79, resize and Place bottom above element 64
Element 91, resize and Place above tube in middle
Element 98, resize and duplicate place above element 91; one to the right & one to the left
Element 99, resize and Place right side above element 12
Element 3, resize and Place left side above element 79;duplicate place to right
Element 8, resize and Place right side above element 100
Layers; merge visible, resize to liking, center in canvas

Resize the signature if needed
The name: I am using the font: Bold & Stylish Calligraphy, size 30 , stroke width 1.5 #ffffff , red #d30906, drop shadow : #000000
Add your copyright information and license number before saving



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